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Whether you need an annual personalized Membership Cards or on demand personalized card service, Creative Card Group can create your cards, however, you want them.

Membership cards are a growing industry. Membership programs allow you to track your customers buying habits and to reward them by becoming a Member.

Membership cards can be designed any way you want. You can put the members' name on the card or you can just have a generic Membership Card for all of your customers.

Our custom Membership Cards can have die cut slots to attach badge holders or lanyards.

Creative Card can make the perfect membership card for your program. We have the capabilities to make your membership card as personalized as you want the membership card to be. We strive to make the best membership cards.

Membership cards:

  • 30 mil thickness
  • printed two sided
  • additional features (magnetic strip, embossing, signature panel, scratch-off panel, barcode, and variable data)


Most Membership Cards include a barcode or a magnetic stripe or both. They are personalized with names and account numbers and sometimes ID photos. Most membership cards have either a vertical or horizontal slot for attaching the Membership Card to a lanyard, or clip device.

Creative Card Group is your membership card printing company. We can print your membership cards however you would like them. Our membership card printing is one of the best. Check our membership card pricing.


If you would l like to upload multiple designs for one order please be sure all fronts are in one file and all backs in another file. You will also need to indicate in the comment section how many of each design you would like.


Standard turn time is 5-7 business days.
Some options may require additonal time.
Rush options are available for some styles.

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If you need art to be designed please submit artwork by uploading artwork and please leave a description of what you would like in the comment section.

Variable Flat Printing: Numbers,Photos and other information that is unique to each card created within a particular job. Examples include PIN codes and control numbers

Barcodes: Are symbols read by machines that are used to store data. Including barcodes on plastic cards offers companies an efficient way to identify the account and track consumer information.

Scratch Off Panel: reveal unique identifiers and codes through a special scratch off area on the plastic card. This option is available on PVC only.

Signature Panel: A signature panel is a panel placed on the plastic card designed so that the card owner may write on the panel. Signature panels are generally used for card owner signature verification purposes.This option is currently available on PVC cards only.

Magnetic Stripe: A magnetic stripe is capable of storing data by arranging the polarity of the iron based particle that are found on the brand of the magnetic material on the plastic card. This magnetic stripe is able to read by swiping past a reading head.

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